Self Service

Pamper your employees with Self Service Module allowing access to their HR & Payroll records and online approvals, thus reducing paperwork and administrative workload.

Leave Management

Enforce leave rules, maintain leave records, perform year end activities and timely approvals


Makes workforce management easy by eliminating scheduling conflicts and control overtime.

Attendance & Payroll

Enforce attendance calculation of hours-worked, overtime, on-duty efficiently and streamline payroll preparation.

About Us

HRLite™ is a leading provider of web based HR and Time Management Software as Service (SaaS) solutions.

It provides comprehensive solutions for managing hourly workforce, timecards, pro-active alerts, pay calculations, employee scheduling, leave and over-time management etc.HRLite empowers clients with the same cutting edge technology as their larger counterparts, but without the massive price tag to go along with it.

HRLite™ Time Management Software helps in increasing productivity, reducing administrative costs and streamlining client’s business process.

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Why Choose Us

Stop Problems Before They Cost You Money!
Get the only HR & Time clock Solutions That Alert You Ahead of Time —

Flexible, Faster, and Secure!
  • Web-based and low risk, with no large upfront investment.
  • Plug and play that takes less setup and training time and no IT personnel.
  • Proven to reduce fraud, theft and administrative time.
  • Secure and simple to use.